Take Control of Your Life

Right now we are being are in the midst of one of the greatest national disasters our country has ever known. At this point the only news coverage other than local that is relevant is surrounding the Hurricane and its aftermath in Texas. It is at times like these that always gets me thinking about the people in our lives and how very fortunate we are to have protected them and ourselves from the financial disasters that happen from just such an incident due to the lack of planning. This also gives me pause to consider those that we have chosen to represent us, such as bankers, attorneys, accountants or our financial advisors. When was the last time you sat down and talked with them about your particular situation? Chances are it has been a while and perhaps you are waiting for them to call.

Let’s look at this for a moment. We all think that our personal issues are the most important because they are ours don’t we? However, the sad truth is that unless we make them just as important to our advisors then chances are we will not be front and center in their minds. It’s not that they are irresponsible or don’t care, the reality is that just like the patient you are currently caring for is at this moment the most important, so is the client who is actively involved in his/her personal situation. This means that you must take the bull by the horns and sit down at least once a year to review and plan ahead. Once you have an established relationship with the people you’ve chosen make sure you schedule your annual check-up. This way you can look at your accounts and make sure they are still healthy and on track with your goals. If not then make the necessary changes. That is not to say that if you get a new position, move, add a family member or delete one that you should wait for your scheduled meeting. Your advisors are not mind readers so give them a shout out and let them know so they can adjust your accounts accordingly.

I know it seems like a lot of work with everything else you have to do, but remember just like it is your advisor’s job is to keep your best interests in mind, it is your job to make sure your interests are on their mind so you can work together toward achieving your personal financial goals.

You may not be aware but we are not only specialists in providing you with the most comprehensive disability policies available. We are also specialist in assisting you with all aspects of your financial plan. As a resident it may seem like a far off need but you might find professionals extremely useful and may I suggest that you begin to develop a personal relationship with them as soon as you can and if you are in need of some expert advice look no further.