Disability Insurance for Cardiologists


As a Cardiologist, it is critical that you safeguard yourself with the best disability insurance policy available.

At Income Protection Specialist we have dedicated over 31 years to providing Cardiologists and other Medical Professionals with the best occupation specific disability income insurance on the market. Our expert design plans that not only protect you as a Cardiologist but also address all the other issues that are required that go into making comprehensive plan. Here are just a few of the details needed to be considered a well rounded program for your specialty:

  • Specialty Specific Occupation Protection as a Cardiologist
  • Residual Disability Protection: which covers you when you are working as a Cardiologist but on a reduced basis due to a Disability
  • Future Insurability Options: This allows you to purchase more protection in the future regardless of health when your income allows.  This is important to young Cardiologist who are just starting their careers who have not yet maxed out their personal protection.

Even though all the the above are important they only make up a fraction of all that is needed within a properly constructed Disability Insurance plan for a Cardiologist. So it is imperative that you engage our specialist so that you have the peace of mind you are seeking for you and your family.

Request your FREE, No Obligation quote and get the coverage you need and desire.  Along with your quotes we will:

  • Do all of the legwork, saving you countless hours of time, including a side by side illustration of all the top carriers for Cardiologist.
  • Provide an objective opinion of any coverage you may already own and compare it to the programs we design just for you.
  • A consultation at your request to answer any and all questions.


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