Disability Insurance for Urologists

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Urologist Must Have a Properly Written Disability Policy:

With all the years and money spent in under-grad and beyond to become a highly trained specialist, it only makes sense to protect it all with a properly written disability plan. However you would be surprised how many of your colleagues spend little to no time investigating either the salesperson or the disability plan he sold them.  This is a problem when you consider that if disabled at a young age your plan could be worth upwards of $10 million dollars.  Why would anyone consciously leave something this valuable to chance? For over a quarter of a century Income Protection Specialist has been helping thousands of medical professionals alike, by providing them with best Own Occupation Disability Policies Specifically designed to protect their specialties. Our team of specialists are here to help so that you do not have to go it alone.

Find out why so many of your fellow Urologists entrust our firm to protection their most valuable asset, their incomes. Request your Free Quote today to receive the following:

  • Peace of mind: We only design plans with the best definitions which protect you in your specialty.
  • Convenience of Time: We are your personal shoppers saving you important time. An analytical spread sheet of all the top proposals from will be provided for your ease in reviewing.
  • A complimentary analysis of any policy you may have been sold to the properly designed plans we provide covering you as an Urologist vs. just any other doctor.
  • Our specialists are available for consultations to address any questions.


As with your colleagues, we welcome this opportunity to earn your respect and business.  Request your FREE Quote today and let us provide the Peace of Mind you are searching for.


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