Disability Insurance for Dermatologists

young woman receiving an injection of botox from a doctor

Regardless if you are self-employed or part of a larger group, Dermatologists must make sure that their income is protected with the best disability insurance coverage available.  Unfortunately, many Dermatologists are SOLD the wrong protection or simply rely on group policies which provide limited and inadequate protection! 

If self-employed, you will need two different forms of Disability Protection. Individual Income Protection and Business Overhead Expense Protection. Individual Disability Income Insurance is the one that protects you in your specialty as a Dermatologist.  It provides income to you when you are unable to work as a Dermatologist on either full or part-time. The income provided is designed to be used to pay your monthly on-going bills at home when you are not able too.  Benefits are generally tax-free when you are disabled.  This is true unless someone has deducted the premiums that were used to pay the premium.  We instruct all of our Dermatologist not to deduct the premiums for that reason.

The Business Overhead Policy is designed to address all the on-going bills at the office.  In other words even though you may or may not be working full time as a Dermatologist, your bills will be.  Please remember, the monthly obligations at the office grossly out-weigh the obligations at home.  Thus the importance for a self employed Dermatologist to protect against both risks.  The premiums paid for this protection are considered a Business Expense and are allowed to be deducted by all professionals.  So we instruct our Dermatologist to pay the premium for these plans through the business account.

You’ve given up many years and dedicated yourself in extensive training to earn the title of a Dermatologist. Now imagine how much would be lost if an injury or sickness took you out of your specialty? All the training and millions in lost income would be forfeited.  Just like you we are specialists and have been protecting physician’s incomes since 1987, our job is to make sure this type of catastrophe does not happen to you and your family.

Our expertise and ability to interpret the legal terminology found in disability policies ensures that the unique needs of dermatologists are always addressed.

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You have endured so much so you can call yourself a Dermatologist.  Why not engage a specialist to address such an important topic as your income?  As a leading provider of Disability Insurance to Dermatologist nationwide we will use our knowledge, experience and leverage with all the top carriers to provide you with the most competitive quote available as a Dermatologist or a Dermatologist practicing in one of the sub-specialties.  

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