Disability Insurance for Ophthalmologists

Eye doctor performing an eye examination

As an Ophthalmologist, having the proper disability insurance protection is not an option, but a necessity! However are you aware that most Ophthalmologists are sold the wrong insurance?

Only someone who has been in your shoes can begin to understand what it took to become an Ophthalmologist. Now calculate all that could be lost if a disability were to occur.  All the personal and financial sacrifices would be lost not to mention the million of future earnings. That said, it is imperative that you have the absolute best specialty specificown occupation disability insurance available that covers you as an Ophthalmologist not just another doctor.

Working exclusively with physicians over the past 29 years we understand what matters most to them, their earnings.  Without your income nothing else is possible! Thus, our specialists will only design plans that properly protect you as an Ophthalmologist.  This will include all the other necessary benefits (riders) that make up a well rounded plan.

Request your FREE No Obligation Quote today and you will receive:

  • Peace of mind and convenience-we shop all the top carriers so you don’t have too, saving you hours of valuable time and money.
  • We will provide a spread sheet-comparing all the quotes specifically designed to protect you as an Ophthalmologist.
  • Concerned with a policy that you may already own?  We will also provide an unbiased comparison to the well designed plans we are proposing.
  • Consultations are available upon request to address all questions.

We welcome this opportunity to earn your respect as we have done with countless Ophthalmologist in the past.  With so much sacrificed, it only makes sense to engage a specialist. Request your FREE – No Obligation Disability Insurance quote today and eliminate any doubt you may have that you and your family are properly protected… 


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