Residents, Fellows & Students

Doctors at all stages of the careers need disability insurance.

While in residency, fellowship or other training programs you are devoting a major part of your life toward your goal of becoming a doctor, physician or dental professional. As such you have most likely been introduced to the idea of disability insurance and protecting your future for from the unforeseen.  Disability Insurance isn’t only for practicing professionals. Purchasing your disability income insurance as a Resident/Fellow has significant advantages:

  • Own Occupation “Specialty Specific” Protection is available.
  • Rates are based on your age and are locked in once purchased, the younger you are, the less you pay for protection.
  • You have the guaranteed option to increase your protection as your income grows, effectively protecting your future income against the unexpected, including health issues.
  • By locking in coverage now no one can take it away. This is especially important as you enter the private market, because future group benefits will either reduce or eliminate your ability to purchase this vital protection.

Take into consideration all that would be lost if a disability occurred today. With so much to at stake it makes sense to protect yourself as a resident, fellow or student with Own Occupation “Specialty Specific” Disability Income Insurance.

You would never consciously gamble with $10 million dollars.  But going without or being sold the wrong protection is doing just that. Let our Specialist design a plan that fits your particular needs giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


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