Disability Insurance for Cardiovascular Surgeons

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It is quintessential that Cardiovascular Surgeons acquire Specialty Specific Own Occupation Protection.   

With so much relying on your hands, motor skills and the endurance to perform countless hours in surgery; it is no surprise why Disability Insurance should be a top priority of all Cardiovascular Surgeons.

However some Cardiovascular Surgeons have chose to go through this endeavor alone choosing less than adequate option for their financial well being. Why not put our experience to work for you so that you can have a properly designed plan with all the essentials required to form a well rounded plan?  It cost you nothing more to engage our experts as it does going it alone or choosing less qualified individual to represent you.

At Income Protection Specialist we have specialized in protecting doctor’s incomes for over 31 years. Our experience allows us to understand your unique needs and design the most appropriate policy for you as a Cardiovascular Surgeon.

Purchasing the wrong protection can be just as devastating as purchasing no coverage at all. Request your FREE without Obligation Disability Insurance quote today and receive:

  • A side by side comparison of all the top companies for Cardiovascular Surgeons.
  • At your request we will complete an unbiased review/comparison of any current protection you may have been sold to the plans we design for you.
  • A consultation is available upon request.

When you request a quote from us you get more than just numbers.  You will receive the personal professional advice you deserve as a Cardiovascular Surgeons.  Our reputation is second to none!  With thousand of physicians as clients we are able to pool our resources and provide policy’s and services to our client at no extra cost than the competition.


Let us help you secure your future and everything you have striven so hard to achieve.




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