Disability Insurance for Plastic Surgeons

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When you consider all that it took to become a Plastic Surgeon, it only makes sense that you protect yourself against a disability. This can only be done through a properly written Disability Insurance Plan which protects your specialty accordingly. 

However are you aware that if you are self-employed that you may need another disability insurance policy?  It is called a Business Overhead Expense Protection.  It can be just an important as your personal income plan because it is designed to pay your ongoing overhead expenses when you cannot due to a disability.  Given that most Plastic Surgeons are typically self employed business owner with monthly expenses of upwards of $50k-$100k the need for this protection is obvious. This protection is designed cover such exposure so that you do not have to declare bankruptcy or sell your practice prematurely to your competition.

As specialist we will not overlook such liabilities.  With over 31 years of experience we are able to identify and address the unique needs of a Plastic Surgeon and address them accordingly. To find out why so many of your colleagues rely so heavily on our advice please click on the request a quote page below.  By do so you will receive for FREE all of the following:

  • Proposals from all the top insurance providers, saving you hour’s of valuable time.
  • A side by side summary comparison of all competitive policies that include Own Occupation Protection as a Plastic Surgeon.
  • If required an unbiased review of any policy you may have previously been sold, comparing it to the plans we design for you.
  • A consultation will be provided to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Request your FREE, no Obligation Disability Insurance quote today and make certain that you and your family are properly protected. 


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