Disability Insurance for Psychiatrists

Disability Insurance for Psychiatrists is just as important as it is with Surgeons.  As a Psychiatrist, no one has to explain to you the emotional distress a disability can cause.  The emotional impact can be damaging enough but when you contemplate an economic impact of not have disability protection or having been sold the wrong disability protection you have the perfect storm.  However what you may not be aware of is that mental/nervous and stress disorders rank as one of the highest claim categories by the medical profession!   As a result most companies have limited the payout on their disability policies to 24 months even though you may have purchased a payout period to age 65.  As a Psychiatrist this is not only a problem for you but also your patients.  

This is where we come in, we have dedicated over 31 years to working exclusively with medical professionals to make sure situation like this do not happen to you.   Our expertise lies in our ability to construct plans that not only protect you as Psychiatrist but also include the other necessary riders required for your personal security.

Learn why so many Psychiatrists rely on us to provide their disability insurance by requesting your FREE, No Obligation quote today.  By doing so you will receive:

  • A comparison of the most highly rated carriers with specialty protection as a Psychiatrist.
  • Someone who will do the shopping for you, a tremendous time savings.
  • An objective review of any coverage you may have already been SOLD comparing your current policy to the programs we specifically design for you.
  • A consult to answer any and all questions.

You have made a substantial investment in your career, make certain it is protected. Request your FREE No Obligation Disability Income Protection Quotes today. 


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