Disability Insurance for Gastroenterologists

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As a Gastroenterologist, you understand the emotional impact a disability can cause; you see it every day in your patients with Crohns, Colitis and Cancer.  However, for most medical professionals total disabilities don’t even have to be this severe. If you compound the psychological impact of a disability with the fact that most Gastroenterologists purchase the wrong protection, you have a recipe for disaster.


For over 31 years, Income Protection Specialist has focused our business to working exclusively with medical professionals.  We are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in constructing well rounded plans which have been well received by hundreds of Gastroenterologists and are available to you free of charge. When you consider that all plans are equal until the day you have to use one, owning the proper Disability Insurance plan can make all of the difference.  Here are just a couple mistakes commonly made by your fellow Gastroenterologist that you want to avoid.

The purchase of a group disability policy and purchasing out of convenience.  Group Insurance is no substitute for individually owned professional Disability Insurance.  It may be less expensive but like most things in life you get what you pay for.  Group plans are designed for the masses not highly trained specialist.  Gastroenterologist need the certainties provided by a well designed Individual plan.  This is the one insurance you must not compare on price.  Purchasing out of Convenience, should not be your primary reason for buying a particular plan.  In other words Gastroenterologist sometimes play follow the leader when it comes to making uninformed decisions. A disability policy written properly could be worth upwards of $10 million dollar to you if disabled.  Gastroenterologists should take as much time as necessary and seek out the advise of an expert when making such an important decision.

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