Disability Insurance for Neurosurgeons


As a Neurosurgeon, properly designed disability insurance is a necessity!  

Disability Insurance for Neurosurgeons

Few people can claim that they have made similar sacrifices as you have to become a Neurosurgeon. You have essentially forgone or will forgo 11 or more years of income while in residency and medical school while going deeply in debt to pay for it. When you consider all that it is scary to think that a simple injury to you could translate into a total disability.   That is why obtaining Specialty Specific Own Occupation Disability Protection for you as a Neurosurgeon should your #1 priority.

However, all policies are not alike.  Currently, there are 3 different chassis with hundreds of variation to choose from.  They are: Professional Individually Owned Disability Plans, Group Disability Plans and Association Group Policy’s.  The only plans that can be properly designed for Neurosurgeons are Professional Individually Owned Disability Policy’s.   They can be customized to fit the unique needs of highly trained professionals like yourself while providing ownership not found in the other varieties.  They provide you the Neurosurgeon, total control over ownership, pricing and stability. The other versions Group and Association group plans are watered down versions made to look similar but are far from it.  This illuminates the need to engage a specialist who (like Neurosurgeons) devotes all of their time and energy in this high technical field.

With over 31 years of experience working exclusively with physicians we understand the unique needs of the medical professional. We will design a plan for you that not only protects you in your specialty of Neurosurgery but also contain all other important clauses needed for a comprehensive policy.

By requesting a FREE, No Obligation Quote you will receive:

  • A comprehensive side by side list comparing all of the top companies for own occupation  policies that cover Neurosurgeons.
  • If you are already insured we will also provide an unbiased review/comparison of your current plan to those we specifically design for you.
  • Consultations are just a request away

Procrastinating or being sold the wrong protection is like gambling with $15 Million Dollars! Request your FREE No Obligation Disability Insurance quote today to do away with any confusion. 


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