Disability Insurance for Pulmonologists

Female doctor checking xray image

The importance of Specialty Specific-Own Occupation Disability Insurance cannot be overemphasized for Pulmonologists. When you consider the extraordinary measure you took to be able to call yourself a specialist, it only make sense to protect yourself accordingly.  

Most physicians never take the time to consider the impact that a simple hand or eye injury could have on their overall financial well-being!  It not life threatening or even traumatic but the financial effects can be devastating.  As a financial adviser these type of injuries may only equate to one day of lost earning due to my visit to the ER. Where to a high trained specialist, these injuries could mean the end of their career.  A minor injury to most individuals to amount to millions being lost for physicians. Given the magnitude of this situation, it makes sense to work with a specialist in the field to provide the peace of mind you are seeking? For over 31 years we have been constructing plans that protect physicians in their medical specialty providing the financial security they desire.

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