Disability Insurance for Orthodontist

Hygeinist and Patient

As an Orthodontist-Own Occupation Disability Insurance is important for your financial security and family’s peace of mind.

Considering the years of training you invested to become an Orthodontist, imagine what would be lost if a disability prevented you from practicing.  It only makes sense to engage specialists who work exclusively  with medical professionals to address such an important topic as your income. Our ability to construct contracts that not only protect your Specialty of Orthodontics but also contain the other necessary clauses needed for a well rounded plan is what makes us an expert in the industry.

 When you Request a quote. A FREE, No Obligation summary will be provided to you, that also includes:

  • A side by side comparison of all top companies-which will include protection known as Own Occupation as an Orthodontist. Eliminating the uncertainty by letting us do the shopping for you and saving you countless hours of time.
  • We will also be happy to supply an unbiased review of anything you may have been SOLD in the past comparing it to the programs we specifically design for you.
  • A free consultation to discuss any questions is only a click away.

  Putting off OR being sold inadequate coverage can be seriously determinental to your financial welbeing when you consider the millions in future earnings that are being put at risk.  Request your FREE-No Obligation Disability Insurance Proposals and get the peace of mind that should come with purchasing Insurance. 


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