Disability Insurance for Emergency Medicine Physicians

Paramedics unloading patient from Medevac

Very few comprehend the commitment of time and money it takes to become a Emergency Medicine Physician.  That said, it is imperative that you protect your income with a Disability Insurance plan that contains an Own Occupation clause that is Specialty Specific.  

Understandably, most Emergency Medicine Physicians are not versed in contract law and do not understand the different nuances found in these complicated products.  That is why you should enlist the service of specialists who have the knowledge and experience it takes to design a comprehensive plan for you as an Emergency Medicine Physician.

Definitions that must be included in a well rounded plan are:

Specialty Specific Own Occupation clause.  This is the definition that states” If you cannot do Emergency Medicine because of an accident or sickness you are entitled to total disability benefit.  This should be true even though you establish a new occupation doing anything other than Emergency Medicine.  

Residual Disability Benefits is another clause that must be included in your personal disabiity policy.  It provides benefits when you are still working as an Emergency Medicine Physician but on a reduced basis due to an accident or sickness.  It will pay you a monthly benefit proportionate to your loss of income.  In other words if you are experiencing a loss of income of 50% you when then be entitled to 50% of the total disability benefit.

Future Insurability Benefit sometimes called Guarantee of Insurability Benefit is critical to all young Emergency Medicine Physicians and residents who have not yet maxed out their professional protection. It is the clause that states, “You can buy more protection in the future even though you are no longer insurable due to a medical condition that originated after the policy was issued”..  In other words this benefit protects your future income when you cannot due to a new medical condition.  It is vital to all Emergency Medicine residents and those just starting out in the private sector at incomes lower than prevailing wage.

For the past 31 years, our entire focus has been protecting doctor’s incomes. Understanding the unique needs of Emergency Medicine physicians enables us to design specialized plans that protect you in your specialty as well as containing all of the other vital provisions desired by Emergency Medicine Physicians.

When you request your FREE, No Obligation offer, you will receive:

  • Quotes from all of the top insurance providers, saving hour’s of your valuable time.
  • A side by side comparison of all proposals which will include Own Occupation Protection as an Emergency Medicine Physician.
  • If you happen to have been SOLD protection, we will also provide an unbiased review/comparison of your current protection to plans we design for you.
  • A consultation will be provided upon request to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Procrastinating or being sold the wrong protection is like gambling with a $10 Million Dollar poker chip. Request your FREE No Obligation Disability Insurance quote today and make certain that you and your family is properly protected. 


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