Shopping Tips

Need a few helpful hints for purchasing a policy? The following are some suggestions:

  • Purchase a policy when you are young and healthy: Rates are lower the younger you are, and the probability of medical exclusions is significantly less than purchasing when you are older. Additionally, once you own the policy the rates are locked in forever.
  • Residents need to purchase their individual protection prior to signing their new employment contracts.  Once the employment agreement is signed any new benefits that may be available in the future will reduce or eliminate your ability to acquire this vital protection.
  • The coverage is only as good as the application. Meaning if there are mistakes on the application made by the agent or you, the policy will be null and void at claim time. Complete the application truthfully, completely and make sure to double check the agents work.

Engage a Specialist:

  • Who is independent of any Insurance Company’s Influence
  • Who has many years of experience
  • Who represents all the top carriers
  • Who will provide clarity and education so that you can make an informed purchase vs. being sold.

Company Ratings:

Though Company Ratings are critical, when you consider that while you are disabled the company you chose may very well be your only source of income. It is important they be in business and financially sound for the next 20 to 30 years.

Group/Association Protection vs. Individual Own Occupation Protection:

Group/Association policies are no substitute for Individual Own Occupation Protection. You get what you pay for!

As always do your homework by reading the policy, it is crucial that you understand the contract, how it reads and what you are covered for. If anything is unclear ask your specialist about your subject of confusion because as an expert they should help clarify the problem.