Disability Insurance for ENT’s /Otolaryngologist

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Whether you are a general Otolaryngologist/ ENT or one that practices in niche specialties, such as facial plastics you have surrendered a great amount of time, money and energy to become an a fully licensed professional. Therefore if you have not already you should protect protect yourself and your family from potential career ending disabilities just like most of your colleagues.

Disability income protection for a highly trained ENT doctors, is something that should not be taken lightly.  As such you want to make sure you have the best Own Occupation Disability Policy available to protect you in your specialty. Imagine how much would be lost if a disability prevented you from working? All the years of training and millions in lost earnings would be forfeited.

 As specialists who have been protecting doctor’s incomes for the past 31 years, we understand the importance of having the right plan at the time of a claim. Our knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of an Otolaryngologist, along with our ability to interpret all of the nuances found in these insurance contracts, makes us an authority on this subject.

 Most Otolaryngologists understand the need for good disability insurance, but many self employed ENT’s do not realize the undeniable necessity for Business Overhead Expense Disability (BOE) Plans.  This is the most overlooked of all the professional protections needed by Otolaryngologist.  As a self-employed individual or partner in a group of 5 or less you have the need for BOE protection.  BOE is designed to pay your portion of the ongoing bills that come in even though you are disabled. Please remember that the obligations at the office normally far exceed the bills at home.  Yet both have to be paid.  The lack of this protection in the past has lead to legal issue with partners and in some instance has caused some to file bankruptcy resulting in the closing of the practice.   This can all be avoided by just enlisting the services of expert who know how to protect Otolaryngologist properly.

Request your FREE, no obligation quotes and we will provide, in a straightforward spreadsheet, proposals from all the top companies specifically Tailored for Otolaryngologists that include the everything necessary for a solid plan.  In addition, we will also provide an unbiased review/comparison of any current protection you own to a properly designed plan for an Otolaryngologist.

You have invested and sacrificed so much into your profession so you can call yourself a Specialist.  Why wouldn’t you engage a Specialist to address such an important topic as your career and income? Request your FREE no obligation disability insurance quote today and make certain that you and your family are properly protected. 


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