Travel, Travel, Travel

Do you like vacations? Well of course you do. The problem is that it is difficult to take one while living on a Resident’s budget. Whether your specialty is Anesthesia, Radiology, Emergency Medicine, Dermatology and all the others, you and I both know that vacation although necessary and desirable can put the pinch on your pocket book. The purpose of this blog today is to enlighten you on some of the many affordable options available so that you can get the much needed R&R at prices that won’t wreak havoc on your bank account and will allow you to enjoy that desired destination.
Let’s start with airfares. There are many wonderful sites out there built to help you take advantage of the deals and be your own travel agent.
1. is probably one of my favorites for finding flights if you have specific days to travel. It populates the carriers and schedules offered to your preferred destination. It also shows pricing and when you decide who you want to fly with simply click on the link and it takes you to their site. They also provide you with the option to shop through discount travel sites and compare pricing that way as well. The down side is they do not include smaller carriers like Southwest and Allegiant. So you may need to go to their sites to see available deals.
2. Momondo is another site that works much the same as Kayak you can set up alerts and search for the best timetables but with much more simplicity. You cannot buy directly from them but if you use it in conjunction with Kayak, you are certain to get the best deal all the way around. It only the airline sites and their timetables and pricing. Less complicated in my opinion.
3. Airfare watchdog is an excellent choice. You provide them with your desired trip information and they send you emails with the deals. This is a great option if you can be flexible. It searches through every airline to find you the biggest discounts on tickets for the cities you want to travel to the most.
4. Groupon, I know you probably never thought of them but let me tell you if you are flexible and do not want to do all the leg work they are a great source. When you go to the site click getaways to view the available options. and then choose from the options, they provide. However, it doesn’t stop there, they have your vacation all worked out you just have to choose where you want to go. The have fantastic last minute deals and if you click on the deal you like you can  see the additional trips offered by that vendor.
5. Hipmunk is another site that I personally like. They work much the same as everyone else but they have a neat little graph that shows you all the details of your flight and how long it will take. The will send you updates on your choices if prices drop.
I didn’t mention the most notable ones like Expedia, Orbitz and Tripadvisor because I’m guessing you are already familiar with them and how they work.
Now lets talk about hotels and auto rental. All of the sites I mentioned above will offer you the same options to check out the available deals on hotels and auto rentals. There are a few expection which I will mention here.
1. Trivago, just like the commercial says it sorts through thousands of available rooms to find you the best price at the location you want. Pretty simple.
2. Priceline is another great option. You can name your own price for a specific hotel and if it is accepted, you get the deal. They have a neat little thing called express deals. You cannot choose the hotel but if you know the area and the star rating you want, then you can snag yourself a nice hotel at a deeply discounted price.
3. Booking. Com is a nice option especially if you want to firm up a room a great rate but do not want to pay for it yet. They have a pay later and cancellation option but it will cost you more than if you pay now.
4. AutoSlash offers to find the best coupons, search multiple vendors, utilize you current memberships and re-book if the rate drops. They are rated #1 for auto rentals so why not look into them.
With So many great options available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to snag that all-important vacation even on a resident’s limited budget. So get out there and see the world.
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