Shopping for Disability Protection

Shopping for disability insurance is important to make certain you get the kind of coverage that is right for you in your specialty as an Anesthesiologist.  It is no different than shopping for a new pair of shoes or a car.  It all starts with something you want or need. Maybe you start by looking online or heading directly to your local store to get an idea of cost.   As a specialist in Anesthesia, you probably know that having an quality disability income protection policy is something you should have. In fact it could be a financially disastrous mistake if the coverage you choose doesn’t suit your specialty.

Kyle Edward Musleh, the founder of suggests, “When you are shopping for the right disability policy it’s important to search out an independent agent who specializes in Disability Income Protection. Independent agents should provide you with an unbiased spread sheet of all the policy options and carriers appropriate for your specialty.”  Kyle goes on to say, “that a qualified professional should provide between 4 to 5 different choices with apple to apple comparisons of all the top carriers including the plus’s and minus’s of each.”  He says, “these steps are critical should you have to use the protection early in your career and the policy is not appropriate, the cost could be astronomical and lead to financial ruin.”

In conclusion, make sure that just as you would be diligent in your search for a new car, that the Disability Income Protection Insurance you choose is the one that protects you and your needs.